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InNegev is a unique technology incubator dedicated to fostering top-tier Israeli innovation and generating a vibrant new growth model for the Negev region.

Backed by the Israeli Innovation Authority’s Peripheral Incubators Program, InNegev represents an unprecedented collaboration between prominent industrial, academic, and financial institutions, which have now come together to nurture early-stage startups in ClimaTech & Sustainability:  agri-food, water, extreme events, energy, circularity, carbon capture…

Take the next step in your success story: InNegev gives your startup venture the optimal support framework – including substantial value creation, hands-on professional mentoring, and comprehensive support services – as you take cutting-edge new products, processes, and materials from initial concept to crucial commercial breakthrough.

Our Story


Facts & Figuress

  • 2020 Founded
  • 7 Industry Partners
  • 30 Prospective Investments

Startup Benefits

InNegev is backed by strong partners to help startups navigate the many challenges, opportunities, and pitfalls along their path to success, fast-tracking their route to the big leagues and achieving POC in record time. We supply vital connections to strategic players on the local and international scene, as well as a broad overview of commercial markets and the many challenges and opportunities they present.

Key Advantages Include:

  • Funding


    Early-stage startups that are selected to join InNegev will benefit from the Israeli Innovation Authority’s Peripheral Incubators Program, receiving equity investment of up to NIS 4.5 Million for the first year of operation. Additional funds (from IIA and our partners) will be provided for the second and third years of operation.

  • Collaborative Workspace

    Collaborative Workspace

    No need to scout, secure, and equip your own facility – all you have to do is move in and start working. InNegev also offers private meeting and seminar rooms, with full financial, accounting, and legal services, business and marketing mentors, IP advisors, and more.

  • Full Ecosystem

    Full Ecosystem

    No need to scout, secure, and equip your own facility – all you have to do is move in and start work.
    InNegev also offers private meeting and seminar rooms, with full financial, accounting, and legal services, business and marketing mentors, IP advisors, and more.

  • Guidance & Mentoring

    Guidance & Mentoring

    Expert insights and hands-on support are vital for shaping your startup’s next steps. InNegev’s partners supply extensive knowhow and guidance covering every aspect of the startup lifecycle, from R&D, through production development, design, and manufacturing, to quality control, marketing, and more.

  • Industry Partners

    Industry Partners

    InNegev acts as a conduit for startups seeking access to industry leaders and global markets. Our partners from multiple diverse fields facilitate your startup’s entry to numerous industries, helping to clear your path and offering a prominent platform for your technological innovations.

  • PoC Development

    PoC Development

    InNegev acts as a conduit for startups seeking access to industry leaders and global markets. Our partners from multiple diverse fields facilitate your startup’s entry to numerous industries, helping to clear your path and offering a prominent platform for your technological innovations.


InNegev’s partners form a strong, stable, and dynamic ecosystem that offers fledgling startups the ideal supportive framework for maximizing their potential and taking the crucial next steps in their development. In addition to follow-on investments, our partners provide a broad, in-depth perspective of local and global markets that is invaluable to startups seeking commercial success.

  • Hatzerim

    Hatzerim was one of the first kibbutzim to break from traditional agriculture and innovate new solutions – a strategy that has led to a billion-dollar global enterprise.

  • Dolav

    Established in 1976, Dolav is one of the world’s leading pallet and pallet box manufacturers, utilizing innovative production methods to solve material handling and storage challenges.

  • Shamoon College of Engineering

    Shamoon College of Engineering was founded in 1995, offering STEM-oriented degree programs with a view to nurturing Israel’s next generation of engineering and technology professionals.

  • Alpha Capital

    Alpha Capital is a prominent private investor involved in venture capital investments with extensive international connections and business relationships, having been involved with numerous transactions and investments in the private and public markets.

  • Netafim

    Since 1965, Netafim has been pioneering drip irrigation systems and enabling growers to farm in the most extreme, challenging conditions. It is now active across 110 countries, with 29 subsidiaries.

  • SodaStream International

    SodaStream International is the Israel-based manufacturer of consumer sparkling water makers that have become a favorite with families around the globe. In 2018, SodaStream was acquired by PepsiCo.

  • ICA

    Founded in 1891 by Baron Maurice de Hirsch, the Jewish Charitable Association started its operation in Israel in 1900

    During the last years, ICA has concentrated its activities to the development of the peripheral areas of Galilee and the NegevICA supports novel projects in the fields of educationagriculture and tourism in rural areas
    ICA is unique in its support to agriculture and tourism in Galilee and the Negev. This is due to its recognition of the importance of these fields, as the main source of employment and income there

  • YYM Ventures

    Yemin family office operates from the US and Israel. We invest in Investing in climate technologies and cyber



Startups benefit from InNegev’s technology and innovation ecosystem, which creates dynamic collaborations between industry, academia, regional councils, local municipalities, investors, venture capital firms, NGOs, and more. As a vibrant center of knowledge for the entire Negev region and beyond, InNegev taps into a wide network of vital tools, resources, and expertise to give each portfolio company the best possible launch pad for success.

Our strategic partners add crucial value to each portfolio company, reflecting the extraordinary breadth and depth of Israel’s business and technological landscape:


Our startups make a daily impact in the fields that matter most.

  • SightBit


    SightBit is an AI lifeguard that saves lives by instantly alerting to swimmers in distress.
    The system is the first to harness computer vision to detect drowning threats in open water.

    • CEO: Adam Bismut
    • High-Tech Park, Be'er-Sheva, Israel
    • +972-811-2110
  • Dustoss


    Dustoss provides and develops Innovative eco-friendly solutions for solar panels soiling problem using wind energy

    • CEO: Hadar Sefi
    • Idan Hanegev, Rahat, Israel
  • PortSight


    We are developing a novel totally implantable venous access device with unique patented optical characteristics leading to easy, non-invasive trans-illumination of the port, through the patient's skin.
    This results in simplification and reliability of port location and needle access.

    • CEO: Ali Stern Cohen
    • Idan Hanegev, Rahat, Israel
  • BeAir


    Be'Air Water & Air Technologies is a startup company specializing in the field of Atmospheric Water Generation.
    Their specific membrane technology (Patent Pending) enhances existing A.W.G. technologies, by both increasing the process efficiency as well as removing the need for maintenance-heavy, disinfection processes and particle filtration, an inherent result of the specific, non-porous membrane used.

    • CEO: Ram Shoshan
    • Idan Hanegev, Rahat, Israel
  • PicKommerce


    Pickommerce develops an autonomous Pick & Pack system. Our solution is based on computer vision algorithms and sophisticated decision-making systems, artificial intelligence. We handle a global and unresolved problem of automated packaging for high variety and complexity of products.

    • CEO: Kfir Nissim
    • Idan Hanegev, Rahat, Israel
  • Coppter Water Technologies

    Coppter Water Technologies

    The company develops green systems for water purification. Its systems use recycled monovalent copper ions (Cu+), which are an environmentally friendly alternative to chlorine and other non-environmental disinfectants.

    • CEO: Yuval Kupitz
    • Idan Hanegev, Rahat, Israel
  • XtrIon


    XtrION is offering a unique solution to increase crop growth and reduce growth cycle, by maximizing the nutrient consumption through the plant roots. We can improve time to market, while ensuring high quality products in selected species.

    • CEO: Guy Asher
    • Idan Hanegev, Rahat, Israel
  • Fungit BioSolutions

    Fungit BioSolutions

    Fungit develops a complete solution using biological microorganism-based biocontrol agents. Our biocontrol agents will protect the crops such as potato, avocado, carrots, and citrus from severe fungal diseases and also protect from abiotic stresses caused by global warming. Our products will be easy to apply, safe and effective at both the pre- and post-harvest stage and will be scalable with seamless integration in common irrigation systems.

    • CEO: Gal Admati
    • Idan Hanegev, Rahat, Israel
  • Developer of climate monitoring system designed to predict extreme climate events months in advance. The company's system leverages big data analysis, natural language processing, machine learning, and multilevel clustering analysis, enabling weather-sensitive enterprises to minimize risks and improve profits by optimization of decision making, marketing, and investment strategies.

    • CEO: Ilya Shapira
  • Qortein


    Qortein's mission is to reduce the global effects of meat production and consumption by providing a sustainable, cost-effective, healthy alternative of jellyfish-based protein for multiple functional protein applications. Global population is on the rise. Sustainable, healthy, eco-friendly, food sources with low carbon footprint are needed more than ever to promote food security.

    • CEO: Gal Admati
    • Hakayamut 5, Idan Hanegev
  • HarvestR


    Our mission is to improve global food security and sustainability by inhibition of post-harvest fungal pathogens with tailor-made, environmentally friendly, cost-effective bio-fungicides.

    We do this by treating crops, fruit & vegetables externally with non-GMO, RNAi inducing mechanisms.

    • CEO: Gal Admati
    • Hakayamut 5, Rahat
  • Nobify


    Nobify stands at the forefront of innovation, striving to safeguard aquatic environments from potential bird-related risks. Committed to maintaining ecological equilibrium, Nobify utilizes cutting-edge solutions to protect fish populations and floating photovoltaic systems from aerial threats.

    • CEO: Ofir Tessler
    • Idan Hanegev

Our Team

The InNegev team leverages a proven record of success in the industrial, financial, and academic spheres to present entrepreneurs and startups with the precise tools they need to progress, grow, and succeed.

  • Name

    Arnon Columbus CEO

    Arnon Columbus


    Numerous high ranking positions in industry, including as Vice President of Global Information Technology & Applications at Israel Chemicals, Global Supply Chain & Planning Director and VP IT at Netafim, Chairman of Kibbutz Hatzerim shareholders' committee at Netafim and member in the Board of Directors at J.D Israel.
    Arnon also has extensive experience establishing and leading social organizations and activities for the Negev community, and held high-ranking positions at IDF intelligence forces.


    B.Sc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Ben Gurion University of the Negev

  • Name

    Dror Green CFO

    Dror Green


    An expert in the fields of finance and business development; previously CEO of Solav Energy, a startup that designed, developed, and now exports a revolutionary solar water heating system.


    Certified accountant.

  • Name

    Noa Isralowitz VP Deal Flow Operations

    Noa Isralowitz
    VP Deal Flow Operations


    Specialist expertise in the AgTech industry; as Head of the AgTech Sector at the Israel Export Institute, she established multiple fruitful strategic collaborations with diverse international entities and government agencies.


    B.Sc (Ag) in Soil & Water Sciences from the Hebrew University, Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

  • Name

    Amir Tzach VP Investments & Business Development

    Amir Tzach
    VP Investments & Business Development


    Vast experience in investments and business development; previously served as a strategic consultant and investment banker, participating in major transactions.


    BA and MBA in Strategy & Entrepreneurship from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

  • Name

    Noga Regev Menda Executive Assistant & Office Manager

    Noga Regev Menda
    Executive Assistant & Office Manager


  • Eli Bensimon

    Eli Bensimon Chairman

  • Dr. Neta Kela Madar

    Dr. Neta Kela Madar Head of The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center at SCE

  • Kobi Liberman

    Kobi Liberman Owner - CEO Lamed Holdings

  • Kfir Suisa

    Kfir Suisa Global Chief Operating Officer SodaStream International

  • Oded Sapir

    Oded Sapir Sustainability & Excellence Manager Dolav

  • Esteban Socolsky

    Esteban Socolsky VP R&D Netafim


What We’re Looking For

InNegev is seeking visionary entrepreneurs and strong early-stage startups pioneering disruptive technology in our fields of interest; Climate technologies i.e Agri-food, energy, water, circularity, CCUS and more.
We believe that these technologies can have a tremendous positive impact on both a local and global scale, and work to support the companies striving to make a real difference in these areas.


Interested in joining InNegev or receiving more information? Please complete the form below and a team member will get back to you as soon as possible.

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